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Annie Sprinkle

Decknamen: Anny Sands, Ann Sprinkle, Annie Sands, Annie Sprinkles

Land: United States

Geboren: 1954-07-23

Auge: Hazel

Haar: Red

Brüste: Natural

Ansichten: 897

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Years active as performer: 1972 - 2005. Year active as director: 1982.
Sprinkle's work has always been about sexuality, with a political, spiritual and artistic bent. In December 2005, she committed to doing seven years of art projects about love with her domestic partner and art collaborator, Elizabeth Stephens. They call this their Love Art Laboratory. Their projects are all documented on their web site, www.loveartlab.org. Part of their project is to do an experimental art wedding each year, and each year has a different theme and color. The seven-year theme was adapted to their project by invitation of artist Linda M. Montano.



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